Pediatric Dentistry

Young children grow rapidly and face many dental problems as a result. It only takes one crooked baby tooth to throw off the entire bite and cause more complicated smile problems as children grow older. These include gum disease, dental decay, jaw and chewing problems and speech difficulties. 

So we conduct complete exams to check your children for:

  • Overbite, underbite.
  • Teeth overcrowding.
  • Finger- or thumb-sucking.
  • Tongue-thrusting habits.
  • Crooked front or back teeth.
  • Facial appearance/esthetic problems.

Children Are Our Priority

Our dentists are great with kids. We always consider your child’s comfort and needs. We try to minimize problems to prevent the need for future and elaborate treatment.

With early detection, we can facilitate proper jaw growth, improve speech, correct harmful oral habits, bite problems and excessive future treatments or oral surgery. We want your child’s smile to last for a lifetime.

Our specialized training and experience in pediatric dentistry make Kindle Dental the clear choice for your children.

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